Pneuma Academy
 Early Childhood Educational Learning & Cultural Center
  A Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) School for Inner City Children  Ages 2 1/2 - 13
  EJECT, Inc. Administrative Office Number 732-768-4263

"Academic Excellence is the Air We Breathe..."

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As a way of creating a strong academic learning environment for our students, Pneuma Academy will 
be partnering with New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), and the New Jersey Department of 
Environmental Protection (NJDEP). 

The Pneuma Academy (Pneuma) Founders believe the above professional partnerships along with the 
school’s ability to provide local and national “Role-Models” in the Sciences will help to promote not 
only a strong and rigorous STEM education, but a more positive school culture that encourages our 
inner city children to learn with a purpose as they increase their interest in any of the STEM disciplines 
while at the same time improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.  Our teachers, 
parents and professional partners will come together as a team with a consistent teaching style that 
links literacy skills with STEM so that our students irrespective of their adverse surroundings, can 
become productive resilient students prepared for the academic challenges presented to them. 

All classrooms will be lead by NJ dual Certified Elementary Education and Special Education 
Teachers.  In addition to our Head teachers, there will also be apprentice teachers and paraprofessionals 
who will act as Instructional Aides helping our students with their STEM class projects. Working in 
this capacity, allows our partners to also serve as good educational role models for our Pneuma 
Academy students.  Overall, our students will benefit from this type of partnership because, they will 
see and hear more about college-oriented career goals. And, as a result, this will allow our Pneuma 
students to start thinking at an early age about "How" they can be college and career ready for a 
successful academic journey through middle school, high school, college, work and life. 

In forming the above-referenced “Partnerships” all students, parents and teachers will partner together 
as they learn the School Crest symbols and how they represent our school culture of academic 
excellence (See School Crest.) 

Pneuma Academy
Early Childhood Educational Learning & Cultural Center

EJECT Office Number:  732-768-4263

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