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 Early Childhood Educational Learning & Cultural Center
  A Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) School for Inner City Children  Ages 2 1/2 - 13
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Parent Involvement
Parent Involvement

Parental/family involvement is the common thread that runs through our school’s team educational philosophy, motto, mission and school culture because, at Pneuma Academy, parents/families and home-life will be seen as the first “teachers” and “schools” that our children are exposed to during their elementary years.  
Through Team Information Meetings, the Pneuma Founders have continued to educate parents, families and community members with respect to their key role in this STEM school for inner city children. 

Education research has shown that urban low-income children are generally exposed to fewer reading materials at home and spend less time reading with parents (@ 50 books before kindergarten) as opposed to their middle-class counterparts (@ 1,000 books before kindergarten).  This in turn, has a negative impact on the urban low-income child’s cognitive development (Heckman, J., 2008).  Therefore, Pneuma Founders will use this research to provide each student with science investigatory worksheets and documented informational text about Black and Hispanic Inventors which will be read first in school and then again at home by both parents and students. 

In an effort to close the achievement gap early for our students, Pneuma Academy will also have a special innovative Coaching/Mentoring Program for Parents called Parents And Teachers Having Success – PATHS (copyright © 2015). This special Mentoring Program has parents working closely with teachers so they will learn how they as parents can help their child become academically strong.   

For all of the above reasons, Pneuma Academy’s parents, families, students, teachers, administrators and staff will come together as a “learning family” to form a caring and compassionate school community of individuals acting on one accord having an equal voice in the operations of the school.  As part of that community, all members will be encouraged to get involved with the school so their child will be able to experience academic excellence.  

The school will also continue to invite parents and volunteers to our Information Meetings, which are held at community centers, public libraries, local churches and facilities owned by faith-based organizations. The Information Meetings are open to all parents and community members because they are designed to determine general interest, inform parents about the economic benefits of having their children receive a STEM education.  Pneuma will be a school that provides an alternative to the existing traditional urban public schools; and therefore, gives parents a choice in providing a public education for their children.  
Parental opinions, ideas or suggestions are always welcomed with the understanding that parents and families are our “Partners” and the primary stakeholders in the creation and development of a team spirit that embodies a positive school culture.

Pneuma Academy
Early Childhood Educational Learning & Cultural Center

EJECT Office Number:  732-768-4263

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